Protect sensitive data even in lost or stolen flash drives.
Cyberoam’s endpoint Data Protection & Encryption module controls data loss with encryption and decryption over removable devices, document control, in addition to control over removable devices, applications, network sharing and printing.

Layer 8 identity-based policies prevent data leakage through endpoints within the network or when carried by road warriors, helping organizations comply with regulatory requirements like HIPAA, PCI DSS, GLBA. These controls prevent leakage of critical product, financial, sales, marketing, employee or corporate data, minimizing financial and legal liability or loss of stakeholder confidence.

Key Highlights

Document Controls
  • Cyberoam controls the creation, modification, copy and deletion of documents
  • Shadow copies can be created during these activities, preventing data loss
Removable Device Controls
  • Access Control of Removable Devices – Cyberoam supports the creation of black list and white list of USB-based devices, ensuring compulsory usage of encrypted devices through Layer 8 policies with identity, group, department, hierarchy-based allocation in addition to read-write controls over the devices
  • Encryption – Cyberoam ensures compulsory encryption and decryption of file or removable device at the time of file transfer, preventing data leakage in case of lost USB devices
  • File Transfer Controls – Cyberoam controls file transfer over fixed and removable devices based on the user role, file name and extension
  • Shadow Copies of files are stored during file transfer over removable media, eliminating the threat of data loss and assisting in forensics
Email Controls
  • Cyberoam controls file transfer over email based on the sender or recipient’s identity or group-based work profiles, subject and attachment name, extension and size
  • Shadow copies can be created on the basis of the sender, recipient names and attachment size
Instant Messenger Controls
  • Cyberoam controls file transfer through Skype, MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk and other popular instant messengers based on file name, extension and size
  • Shadow copies are created of files uploaded and downloaded over IMs
  • Logs are archived for chat conversation as well as file upload and download
Printer Control
  • Cyberoam controls access to printers and file printing over local, network, shared and virtual printers based on printer name, file name and extension combined with Layer 8 Identity-based policies
  • Recorded image of the printed file is stored, ensuring quick audits and forensics
Network Sharing
  • Cyberoam Endpoint Data Protection allows or disallows network sharing based on Layer 8 Identity-based policies, minimizing incidents of data leakage
  • Cyberoam creates logs and reports related to access, usage, modification, transfer and deletion of files
  • It can send customizable alerts to administrators for prompt action and a message to end users, ensuring user education regarding best practices
Identity Based Security with Cyberoam's Layer 8 Technology
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